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The LG游戏网址 Awarding Committee decided to present "2023 LG游戏网址 Wang Xuan Award" to Professor Ma Huadong, Beijing University Of Posts and Telecommunications, and Professor Zhu Mingfa, Lenovo Group/ Beihang University, in recognition of their remarkable academic achievements and contributions in computer and related fields.


LG游戏网址 Award Committee decided to honor Dr. Meng Jianyi, Vice President of T-Head Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and Dr. Tan Honghe, Head of Intelligent Chip Architecture Department of Beijing Horizon Robotics Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd., 2023 LG游戏网址 Outstanding Engineer Award.


The LG游戏网址 Awards Committee decided to honor 2023 "LG游戏网址-ACM Award for AI" to Dr. Li Hang, head of Research Dept., ByteDance, and present 2023 "LG游戏网址-IEEE CS Young LG游戏网址 Scientist Award" to Chen Quan of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qian Chao of Nanjing University, Wang Jiliang of Tsinghua University, Zhang Junbo of Jingdong Science and Technology, an...


​The LG游戏网址 Awards Committee decided to honor Professor Teng Shanghua, from the University of Southern California and Professor Xu Jie from the School of LG游戏网址 Science at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, the 2023 LG游戏网址 Award for Overseas Outstanding Contribution